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   Teach yourself how to run a marathon

Teach yourself how to run a marathon

Teach yourself how to run a marathon

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Teach yourself how to run a marathon
This is the ideal title for runners of all levels of fitness who wish to enter and compete in a marathon, but don't know quite where to start. It will cover not only key information on training, fitness and nutrition, but it is unique in offering a full guide to the practicalities of entering any marathon - where and how to apply, which one to enter, how to raise money for a 'bonded' place, and even how to get there on the day.

You might have the desire and drive to run a marathon but not the knowledge. Where do you begin? How do you train? Where do you sign up? These are the questions that more often than not prevent runners from entering a marathon. Teach Yourself Running a Marathon has all the answers.

Offers advice on raising money
Provides key information on fitness and nutrition
Contains tried-and-true training programs

Publisher: Teach Yourself (25 Aug 2006)
ISBN-10: 0340927003
ISBN-13: 978-0340927007

The ultimate running goal

It's all in the mind

Are you up to it?

Choosing your first marathon and getting a place

You're in--now what?

The right gear

A new lifestyle

The training


Keeping it going

The week before the race

The big day itself

What next?

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