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   BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick

Bodyglide Anti Blister Stick

Bodyglide Anti Blister Stick

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Bodyglide Anti Blister Stick

From heat to toe, BodyGlide arrests friction and creates a smooth, non-oily protection barrier. It helps prevent blisters, chafing, dry skin, saddles ores, cracked skin and rash. Use it everywhere - for hands, feet, upper body, inner thighs, under arms, shoulders and chest (nipples).

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• Helps prevent blisters, chafing, dry skin, saddles sores, cracked skin and rash
Water, sweat and rub resistant.

• Protects all day.

• Endorsed and used by USA Triathlon

• Petroleum free so it won't clog pores, perspiration escapes and your skin breathes

• Helps skin retain moisture and offers protection in hot or cold weather

• The all natural ingredients wash off with soap. Hypoallergenic.

• No animal testing.

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