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A moulded component under the mid-foot area. Provides stability and, in combination with the contoured midsole, helps to control torsion.
The Biomorphic technology is incorporated into the upper where the areas of highest deformation are found. This ensures a better fit, improved comfort.
Outsole construction that offers lightweight flexibility and traction.
A blown AHAR rubber outsole material with high abrasion-resistant qualities for added durability, combined with a comfortable, cushioned ride.
A proprietary ASICS system that consists of two different density midsole materials and designed to provide smooth overpronation control.
A supreme midsole material that improves bounce-back characteristics and decreases midsole breakdown.
The ASICS Impact Guidance System or I.G.S. is a technical shoe design philosophy that allows the athlete’s foot to perform in a more natural manner. ASICS high-tech I.G.S. shoes are constructed in a way that enhances natural "gait".
The ASICS GEL system is based on a special kind of silicone that enables optimal shock absorption. Gel units are strategically placed in the midsole and designed to enable specific functions and positions.
This is a thinner and lighter version of ASICS High Abrasion Resistance rubber. It is placed on heavy contact areas of the outsole to reduce excessive wear.
3M Scotchlite3M Scotchlite
A special reflective material that enhances visibility when light is poor.
Stability CradleStability Cradle
A moulded midsole component engineered for specific foot types to enhance guidance and fit.
ASICS High Abrasion Resistance rubber is a tough rubber compound used at the heavy contact areas of the outsole. Helps to reduce excessive wear.
Speva LastedSpeva Lasted
The supreme ASICS midsole material used as lasting technology enhances comfort by improved cushioning and/or stability through the use of different densities.
Wet Grip RubberWet Grip Rubber
An outsole made from a special blend of components designed to enhance traction – even on a wet surface.
Transition SoleTransition Sole
Triple density midsole to enhance guidance and cut back motion.
Asymmetric HeelAsymmetric Heel
A slightly angled and asymmetric heel that offers smoother transition from impact to toe-off. It also reduces the risk of overpronation.
Personal Heel FitPersonal Heel Fit
A special foam heel construction that guarantees a perfect fit around the wearer’s heel.
A moulded midsole component engineered for specific foot types to enhance guidance and fit.
Comfordry SocklinerComfordry Sockliner
This insole provides the optimum cushioning performance system that creates a cooler, drier, healthier shoe environment.
Anti Gravel TongueAnti Gravel Tongue
A special tongue construction that prevents clay entering the shoe.
For improved arch support and torsional stability, this dual-density system is softer on the lateral side and firmer on the medial side.
Space TrussticSpace Trusstic
An advanced system that creates a pocket between the Trusstic system and the midsole, allowing for greater midsole deformation and more efficient foot function.
Trail Sensor SystemTrail Sensor System
This interactive decoupling system makes sure that in every position during trail running there is surface contact.
Rock Protection PlateRock Protection Plate
Protects the foot against sharp objects such as rocks and branches.
Nano TechnologyNano Technology
This treatment on nano scale gives the fabric a water resistant finish without affecting the fabric's properties.
Proprietary cushioning material that provides an exceptionally lightweight midsole with excellent bounce-back and durability.
Propulsion PlatePropulsion Plate
The propulsion plate is a special hardened unit that has been placed in the forefoot for a more efficient propulsion phase.
Lace PocketLace Pocket
This is a feature especially designed for Nordic Walking, which will prevent your poles from becoming caught up in the shoe-laces.
Inner Lace LockingInner Lace Locking
This lacing system provides trail walkers/runners with ankle support and stability. Enhanced support -and protection from movement inside the shoe- is provided by two straps. By lacing the shoe, the two straps wrap around the foot and provide a secured fit and support.
Discrete Sole BackDiscrete Sole Back
Unique sole construction that provides supreme load distribution, cushioning and guidance.
10mm High Heel10mm High Heel
This 10 mm difference in height between heel and forefoot offers the best biomechanical position. This protects and enhances forward motion, and reduces load on the achilles tendons, calf muscles, ham string and back.
Discrete Sole FrontDiscrete Sole Front
Unique sole construction that provides supreme load distribution, cushioning and guidance.
Asymmetrical Lacing SystemAsymmetrical Lacing System
A lacing system that follows the curve on top of the foot in a natural way, to ensure a perfect fit and less friction.
Propulsion Trusstic SystemPropulsion Trusstic System
The ASICS Propulsion Trusstic System mirrors the functions of the ligaments in the foot. It helps the foot transform from a flexible structure, for shock absorption through heel strike and mid-stance, into a powerful, rigid lever needed for forward propulsion.
Wing ConstructionWing Construction
The GEL-KINSEI 2 features a unique wing construction over the medial and lateral heel counter designed to improve side-to-side stability and maintain foot position within the shoe.
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